Krabi | Ao Nang Thailand

Thailand is a country well known for its tropical beaches, Thai food, Thai message, Kayaking, long tail boat tours, rock climbing, Swadi kha(saying “Hello” in Thai language) and not to forget the delicious coconut ice-cream which is yummmmm..I planned my visit to Thailand for my second wedding anniversary. And I can proudly say that my choice was the best and places in Thailand are worth the visits. I decided to visit Thailand for many reasons, for its turqoise white sand beaches, under water diving, snorkeling, elephant safari, the popular Thai message, Cheap shopping, and leisure holidays where I can just sit back, relax and enjoy the sunny beaches with a can of beer in your hand, long walks on the beach at the sunset, hand in hand with your loving partner and feel loved and special.

Although I visited 2 places in Thailand – Phuket and Krabi. But Krabi is very special and near to my heart. Krabi is a place where you can just take a walk on secluded white sand beaches, you feel as if you are in a place out of this world. It is so picturesque that you are not tired of taking snaps. You feel as if romance is in the air. It has some breath-taking scenery. We spent 4 days in Krabi. I actually surfed a lot before making plan for Thailand as the beautiful beaches are huge in number there, you just have to decide what all activities you want and which area you find more interesting. It is a question of taste. I chose Ao Nang town in Krabi. Ao Nang is a busy tourist place but it offers you a lot in terms of stunning beach tours, friendly people, nightlife, cheap shopping. Different cuisine restaurants are easily available there. Ao Nang is 20 minutes away from Krabi town. One can opt for Ao Nang if you are most interested in quiet, secluded town rather than a big city.

We took a ferry from Phuket to Krabi town. It took almost 2 hours to reach Krabi. When you are about to reach Krabi, beautiful karst landscapes are easily visible. My heart started pumping very fast when I saw the stupendous karst towers. You can find many in Krabi.

Me in Ferry from Phuket to Krabi


People with us on Ferry

When we reached Krabi, a bus was there on our arrival to pick us up from port to respective hotels. It was included in our trip package. We reached our hotel within 10 minutes. I am glad we stayed in Ao Nang Villa Resort. It was gorgeous huge resort with 2 swimming pools and beautiful reception, welcoming staff, play area for kids, spa and massage point, salon, coffee shop, hot tub, steam room, separate breakfast and evening tea area and most importantly it has a private beach of its own. Andaman sea is just meters away from resort. The location of the resort was great, market of the town is walking distance taking 10 minutes from resort. We got a big room that was pond facing. We got complimentary evening tea and breakfast with our room. There was a variety of food in the breakfast including number of drinks, dishes, sweets, fruits. All in all it was a amazing experience in the hotel. The amount of praise I do is always less for this wonderful resort. Given a chance I would love to stay at this resort again.

Aonang Villa Resort
Aonang Villa Resort

Our tour was booked for Poda Four Island next day early morning 9 am. It was included in our tour package. The tour was in long tail boat. After quick breakfast we went to a point where all members of tour had to assemble. It was again 10 minutes away from the resort. The tour instructor divided us in a group of 15 and asked us to climb the long tail boat. The islands covered in poda 4 island tour was Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tub Island, Pranang Cave. The islands were super attractive with crystal clear coral water. We also enjoyed snorkeling in the middle of the sea, which was a real fun. I was little perturbed but also excited at the same time. Without thinking much, me and my husband just jumped in the sea and had a great time snorkeling. You can actually see colored fish ,flora and fauna the beautiful under water world deep inside the sea. The islands were very clean and peaceful. You will definitely fall for clear water and limestone structure right in the middle of the sea. These islands are not at all crowded, you can peacefully enjoy the beauty of turquoise water. The tour also included few refreshments. They offered us freshly cut tasty watermelon and pineapple to eat.

Poda Island
Pranang Cave
Tub Island
Poda Island
Chicken Island

4 Island tour was a full day tour. We came back to the resort tired. The next day we didn’t take any tour but enjoyed ourselves locally and explored Ao Nang market where I shopped for my parents, bought a new denim stylish bag for me and 2 beach dresses. The shopping was very very cheap so I recommend you, whenever you plan to go to Krabi do go for shopping. The styles were awesome and had a beach touch in them. Floral prints, bright colors was all around in the market. I got a bag shop which had some amazing style denim bags. I got one from that shop. The market is full of souvenirs too. Bargain as much as you can in this market. Then we had a coconut ice-cream. It was an ice-cream in the coconut shell with lots and lots of dry fruits and coconut on it. You must try this ice-cream if you are visiting Thailand.

Aonang Market
Market in Night

Also, there were lots of Live music shows that take place at night which are worth listening. As they might sang your favorite tracks. You will definitely love the aura of the place. The music turns the environment very happening.

Live Music in Pub


We had an experience of all kind of adventure activities in Thailand may it be snorkeling, under water diving, Thy body massage. Cabaret was the only thing left to be experienced in Krabi. So we thought to experience it as well. It was my first time to see any cabaret dance.I was bit petrified of the environment inside, but it came out different from what I had expected. It was full of fun. When we entered the gate, there was no one inside. Only me and my husband were there as an audience. I asked my husband to leave but then a couple entered with a fear on their face. The couple was from UK and they just asked if they can join us. At that time, a single thought came to my mind “just open up and enjoy the moment, this will not come again”. The show was about an hour long. Stunning lady boys performed very well on songs of different countries. They were making us laugh by involving us in the dance. You just can’t make out them to be lady boys. They look like pretty young women, very very beautiful. We enjoyed this journey of Krabi to the fullest.

Aonang Beach at its best



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