Scotland Beltane Fire Festival

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland offers you a lot from history, tradition, festivals to attractive highland dresses like kilts. Its a city where you want to go and explore again and again. Apart from the beauty of Edinburgh, there are several Festivals that take place which might interest you. I had been lucky enough to be part of Edinburgh Fire Festival, which was held on 30 April 2017 and coincidentally, it was our second wedding anniversary on the same day. What a way to celebrate this wonderful day in a wonderful city like Edinburgh and attending the spectacular fire festival.

 Calton Hill is the place where the event takes place every year on 30th April. Calton hill is the hill located in the central of Edinburgh.Its a quite place.You can see marvelous view of entire city from the top. It takes almost 5-10 minutes to climb this hill for the perfect view of the city. Once you are up the hill, there is a National Monument a building left unfurnished in 1829 due lack of funds.but this building is now a popular landmark and home for Edinburgh festivals and shows.

 Beltane Fire Festival is a festival celebrated to mark the beginning of summer and fertility of the coming year. The modern fire festival was started in the year 1988. The event was conducted to celebrate traditional rituals. It was a procession that starts from national monument meeting different groups along its way moving anti-clockwise.Thousand of spectators gather on calton hill to see ample amount of fire, music, drummers, and fire dancers. It was a spectacular event totally exceptional to see different costumes, performances.The festival features naked man and women with their outstanding body paints.

 When I planned for Scotland Edinburgh and got to know that there will be a fire festival on the day we arrive, I was thrilled to attend the fest. I planned our trip in a proper way so that we don’t miss the event.The event was starting from 8pm at calton hill.and being punctual on time we reached there at 8 pm sharp. I was amazed to see the long queue of people for this festival.But thankfully our punctuality paid and we got the opportunity to be the spectator of the event. We paid 8 pound per person for the event. The people at the ticket counter were fast in their jobs and i can see the coordination and hard work volunteer did to make this fest a success. We were on time, actually before the event starts. Therefore, we can see the participants backstage getting ready in their beautiful costumes.It was a wonderful feeling. There was a huge crowd on the festival and as the sundown the frigidness increase. There were proper arrangements like food stalls, toilets, adequate lighting.The bight view of city from calton hill was breathtaking. Organizers were waiting for sundown to start the event.

The event started at the said time.The participants were full of energy.There were about 300 drummers, performers, dancers.During festivities the Green Man was killed as god of winter and reborn as spring to consort with the May Queen. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the event.




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