DOVER- connecting English channel and North sea

Dover known for its white cliffs and castle, is actually worth a visit. The place one should always visit and create memories. I being an Indian and a visitor to England was very excited to explore each and every part of the beautiful country. I took time to get settled down in the cosmopolitan city of London full of people with mixed culture. It was a time to go for my break after getting settled.

Huge list of mine was confusing me to opt for the place to go over the weekend.I decided to visit Dover, a town in South East England. It is a place which can easily be covered in a day trip from London. Place which will give you sense of history by its castles, and more of its beauty by magnificent white cliffs.Me and my husband took a train around 10 AM from London Charing Cross station to Dover Priory station. It took us around 2 hours to reach Dover. I just exclaimed wow when our train entered a huge tunnel and we were about to reach Dover. When the train was out of the tunnel, one could see the vast sea on your right side. It was a month of February. An icy wintry wind was flowing in the entire Dover.

We decided to go to the medieval Dover Castle first, which was located on the cliffs of Dover. Its distance was about 1.1 mi taking around 20 minutes to reach there on foot. Dover Castle was a castle known for its history and described as a key to the England. Castle secret tunnels were worth watching. One can also see the view from the top of the tower. The view of English Channel from top of the tower is just amazing.

Tips for the Day Tour

1. In Winters, keep yourself packed in jackets. Save yourself from cool breeze.
2. Always carry an umbrella or raincoats for bad times.
3. Carry a Camera.
4. Manage your tour time by dividing it for both the places, so that you enjoy both history and beauty of Dover.
5. When you are travelling as a couple, take 2 together rail pass to enjoy great discounts.6. Dover Caste is walking distance from Dover can easily go on foot.


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